SEO Cardiff

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the activity that involves the optimisation of a website, in such a way that it becomes more popular with the search engines. In other words, when a person searching for a particular product or service, the business with the best optimisation will normally rise to the top of the listings and get a lot more web enquiries that a company that has not paid any attention to website optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation comes in two parts:

• Online optimisation
Where the website is coded to enable ease of spidering by the search engines, paying particular reference to the keywords and or key phrases that the website would like to be recognised for,. This element can involve a great deal of research and skill.

• Off site optimisation
Is the element of link building to your website. It is almost like a voting system, but care must be taken not to get involved with “link farms” or paid links, as this can have a negative effect, and in some cases being penalised by Google.

Any one of these two elements will not work well without the other.


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